SoVoSo brings exciting and innovative concerts to venues all across the United States and beyond. The band is a perfect match for many corporate events and conferences because their musical set is so diverse and can be shaped to entertain and enlighten any audience. SoVoSo has years of experience working in a corporate setting and welcomes the opportunity to utilize their music as a tool for team-building and and strengthening relationships.

Additionally, the group has an excellent reputation for providing educational vocal workshops and residencies to students of all ages.

SoVoSo is a member of the California Arts Council Touring Artists Directory. This program enables counties within California to host SoVoSo and receive partial funding from the California Arts Council. For more information, visit or call 916-322-6575.

If you would like more information about SoVoSo’s performance possibilities, please request a press kit from Sunshine Becker at

Ken Franklin, Modoc County, CA Arts Council: “Your seemingly endless repertoire and diversity of program content made each assembly appropriate, and exciting for the different age groups. It was an honor and pleasure to work with such talented artists. We would like to have you back in the spring of next year.”

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